Ivan Herman

Photo of myself at MIT

Welcome! I am the Digital Publishing Activity lead at the World Wide Web Consortium, as well as a senior researcher at the Centre for Mathematics and Computer Sciences in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

contact info:

  • Email addresses: ‘ivan’ on my own ivan-herman.net domain, ‘ivan’ on the w3.org domain, or ‘ivan.herman’ on the cwi.nl domain
  • Phone: +31-641044153
  • I share my time between Amstelveen, the Netherlands and Aix-en-Provence, France.
  • See also my foaf file; a vCard is also available.

Some of my recent photos on flickr (see more, if interested, on my on-line albums, with my latest favourites put into a separate entry):

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Ivan Herman, 2013-12-11.
Unfortunately, time to time spammers get hold of one of my email addresses and send out a bulk spam with that forged name. Unfortunately, I cannot do anything against that. Note, however, that I usually sign my emails with either a certificate issued by Comodo or with PGP (except when I use my mobile phone or a web mail interface, but I use those relatively infrequently). Ie, if you get a mail from me without such signature, it should be considered as suspicious…

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