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User Interface Builder.

The MADE utility workpackage also includes the definition and implementation of a user interface builder utility for UNIX platforms. This utility is based on an existing Bull product called EGERIA[4] which is to be adapted for the MADE environment in the course of the project. This utility is considered as a completely separate part of the MADE environment; it is aimed at the fast specification of the user-interface part of a MADE application and is based on the Motif toolkit.

On MS-WINDOWS environments, Visual C++[22] will be used as a user interface builder. For the integration of MADE objects and utilities, subclasses of the ``Microsoft Foundation Classes'' will be developed and accessible directly from Visual C++. This has already been validated with the 2D editors of GoPATH[7].

User interface builders may also be available for the scripting languages usable with MADE. In fact, EGERIA is based on Wool, and can therefore be used as a user interface generator for Wool-based applications; a similar development (being carried out independently of the MADE project) for Python may be used in later stages of the project.
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